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Ridgeback Kids Bikes

Ridgeback Kids Bikes

Quality kids bikes that last. We offer free servicing for the duration of your ownership on all our Ridgeback kids bikes and we will take a trade in when it has been outgrown.

ImageNamePricesort icon
Ridgeback Scoot -various colours£99.99
Ridgeback Honey 2012£129.99
Ridgeback MX12 2012£129.99
n/aRidgeback MX14 Lime 2012£129.99
Ridgeback MX14 Blue 2012£129.99
Ridgeback Melody 2012£149.99
Ridgeback MX16 Silver 2012£149.99
Ridgeback Destiny 2012£191.99£239.99
Ridgeback Harmony 2012£219.99
Ridgeback MX20 2014£229.99