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    Our Best Selling Hybrid Bikes

       Words by Ellie Park

       on 13/04/2020 13:05:23

    Looking for a bike to last and not just for quarantine? Here is our Hybrid top picks.

    A Hybrid bike is ideal for, bombing around the streets and cycle paths, popping down to the shops, a family jaunt round Millport and even commuting (for those of us that still can).

    First we have the Ladies Carnaby V1 from Whyte. Equipped with speedy 700c wheels, light aluminium frame, single front chainring for simple gear shifting and eye catching colour the Carnaby was a no brainer for this list. Coming in at £599 its also a total bargain for what you get. This bike has mounts for, bottle cages, mudguards and a pannier rack so it really can do it all. Available in small, medium and large sizes.


    For more info on the Whyte Carnaby Click Here

    Secondly we have the Men’s Whyte Shoreditch (you will see Whyte bike becoming a theme in this post…we love Whyte). The Shoreditch is very similar to the Carnaby above but with some slight tweaks to the gearing and brakes. Although it has the same base principles of the fast 700c wheels, featherweight aluminium frame, single front chainring for easy gear shifting and a popular yet slightly more understated colour scheme. Due to the upgrades in gearing and brakes this bike does come in at a fraction more than the Carnaby but by all means isn’t the most expensive on our list. The Whyte Shoreditch is coming in at £699 and is available in sizes from small to extra-large.


    For more info on the Whyte Shoreditch Click Here

    Here we have the Whyte Portobello Plus and Victoria Plus. Yes its another bike from Whyte, but its something a little different. This bike is available in both a men’s and a women’s option for a start (Portobello men’s and Victoria women’s) however the biggest difference is the wheels. You may have noticed the “Plus” in the name, this is referring to the wheels and tyres. The above bikes  have both been kitted out with 700c wheels and narrow tyres, not the case here. The Portobello and Victoria Plus are both kitted out with smaller 650c wheels but are fitted with much wider tyres. This provides the bike with exceptional comfort and stability as the wider tyre allows the rider to run much softer pressures thus providing the rider with some suspension for those Glaswegian potholes and also the wider tyre offers a larger contact patch which gives the rider piece of mind to get round every corner without having a fall. The Victoria Plus and Portobello Plus have been our best selling hybrid since we took them into the shop so they definitely had to be on the list. Both of these bikes are available in sizes from small through to large, only the Men’s Portobello Plus is available in extra-large. Both models are coming in at an equal price point of £799.


    For more info on the Whyte Portobello Plus Click Here


    For more info on the Whyte Victoria Plus Click Here

    Now we have the Cannondale Treadwell, see we do sell other hybrids not just Whyte Winking smile. The Treadwell is the ultimate cruiser, with its relaxed upright geometry and high rise handlebars this bike will make you feel like you’re rolling the streets of California in the sunshine without a care in the world. The Cannondale Treadwell is available in two frame shapes across the range, standard and Remixte (low step) making it accessible for every customer. This bike has been designed with comfort and control at the forefront. Therefore like the Whyte Plus range the Treadwell is also equipped with smaller wheels and chunky tyres making it comfortable and fun to ride. Our best selling out of the range has been the Treadwell 2 which comes in at £699 and is in the middle of the range, however the staff favourite has to be the top of the range Treadwell EQ as it comes with a built in beer holder! (beer holder can be purchased separately) This model comes in at £799. The standard models are available in sizes small through to large and the Remixte models are available in sizes small and large only.

    Bicycles from Cycle Heaven of York, North Yorkshire

    For more info on the Cannondale Treadwell 2 Click Here

    Cannondale Treadwell blends light weight, comfort & connectivity w ...

    For more info on the Cannondale Treadwell EQ Click Here

    Next up is another bike from Cannondale, the Quick 6. This bike is also available in both Standard and Remixte frame options and is a little more budget friendly compared to the other bikes on the list. The Cannondale Quick 6 is a more traditional hybrid equipped with 700c wheels which makes the bike a little more efficient yet not as comfortable. This bike despite the price has one of the widest range of gears out of all the bikes on the list and still has all the mounts for pannier racks, mudguards and bottle cages making this a great first bike or for the budget conscious. The Cannondale Quick 6 is coming in at £419.99 for both the standard and remixte options and is available in sizes small through to large.

    For more info on the Cannondale Quick 6 Men's Click Here

    700 F Quick 6 Remixte ULV MD

    For more info on the 2020 Cannondale Quick Remixte Click Here

    Finally the last bike on our list is a Ridgeback Vanteo. We couldn’t have a list of our best selling Hybrids without including the bike we use in our hire fleet. The Ridgeback Vanteo is a classic workhorse of a bike. This is a sturdy reliable bike that’ll see you through anything. We very often hire this bike out to customers from all around the globe to complete epic tours such as the North Coast 500 and the Ridgeback Vanteo has never missed a beat. The Vanteo comes in at £569.99 but there is also some cheaper options in the Ridgeback range which use the same sturdy reliable frameset as our favourite the Vanteo. This bike is available in sizes from extra small through to extra large.

    Vanteo | Ridgeback

    For more info on the Ridgeback Vanteo Click Here

    If you interested in any of these bike please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the shop via Sales@billybilslandcycles.co.uk or give us a call at 01415520841/01415527882.

    We are always free to chat bikes Smile

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