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Here at Billy Bilsland Cycles we firmly believe in better quality kids bikes.

For far too long kids bikes have been absurdly heavy and fitted with cheap components. However in recent years they have gotten far better. With great quality, name-brand components they are substantially more serviceable, not being the disposable toys they once were. Also now significantly lighter weight too, the great brands we have chosen to range offer a brilliant selection of junior and kids bikes. 

Good quality bikes not only make cycling more enjoyable and safer, they makes learning to ride and improving handling skills considerably easier. 

Whether looking at a mountain bike, a road racer, or a bike for cycling to school and kicking about on the weekend, Frog, Whyte, Cannondale and Scott have some excellent offerings to get kids outdoors and pedalling. 

Whyte Mountain Bikes / Balance Bikes / Frog Bikes

Delivery on kids bikes is only £10 and there are a range of FINANCE options.

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