Billy Bilsland Cycles Supported schemes

**We are taking Halfords Cycle2Work vouchers on a case by case basis**

We are proud to be working with various Cycle Schemes, providing tax free bikes to people all over the UK.

We accept Cyclescheme, Cycle Plus and our favourite, Green Commute Initiative - any bike at any price.

"Green Commute Initiative is leading the industry with its cycle-to-work scheme with no limits. GCI scheme participants benefit from no £1,000 spending cap and no scheme exit fees. Save up to 47%, depending on your tax bracket. Pay monthly through salary sacrifice with no added interest. Get an E-bike or conventional bike and help reduce congestion and pollution whilst improving your health, fitness and mental wellbeing"

The cycle to work scheme is a great way to buy a new bike. You pay the bike up monthly, coming off your gross wages, and you can save up to 50% off the retail price of the bike and all the accessories you need to cycle to work. And it is all interest free.


We are a small shop who appreciate every customer who walks through the door. Thats why we offer one years free tune-ups with every new bike. We also offer courtesy bikes while your bike is in the shop getting fixed. We believe that a good bike is one that is used and we do everything to ensure you spend as much time on the saddle as possible.

Free Tune-Ups

No requirement to book

Courtesy bikes

Test rides in the Green


Once your employer is signed up you need to come into the shop and pick up a quotation form. We will talk with you and match the right bike for your cycling needs and any extras you want to go with it and give you a form with all this info on it. You then hand this back to the scheme administrator and within a few weeks you will be given a voucher which you can come into the store and exchange for a bike.

If you have any queries, visit the FAQ section of the Cycle Scheme website or give us a call in the shop - 0141 552 0841

We have also done numerous Cyclescheme road shows at offices all around central Scotland. If you are interested in us coming to give a talk about the benefits of the cycle scheme and cycling in general, all while showing off some off our best selling bikes and accessories, please call the shop.