Cervelo Soloist Frameset

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Gold Dust
LG - 56cm
MD - 54cm
SM - 51cm
XL - 58cm
XS - 48cm
XXL - 61cm

The Bilsland Verdict: "Cervelo's most recent edition to their fleet, the Soloist, is an all out race machine. Many features implemented from the S5 and R5, but with an excellent dose of comfort, practicality."

Cervelo Soloist Road Frameset

Pick your colour, select your groupset and put your name down. Whether starting out with a 105 model or going straight for electronic shifting the Soloist offers an excellent solution to the weekend warrior and all-year racer. Aero profile, light weight design, wide tyre clearances and a friendlier approach to servicing delivers next to top end race speeds without the headache caused by even minor changes.

The Everyday Breakaway Bike

The Soloist. It’s a name from deep in Cervelo's history, but immediately familiar to anyone with bike racing memories extending back to the early-2000s. It was the weapon of choice for top World Tour contenders on CSC and the Cervelo Test Team, and they're bringing it back for a new generation. The new Soloist is designed for the week-in, week-out rider and racer who can only justify one high-performance bike. It balances light weight and aerodynamic advantages to deliver a bike that really is 'just right'. Soloist comes in a hair lighter than S5, but significantly more aerodynamic than R5, and borrows the threaded bottom bracket standard you find on the R5-CX. It’s a race bike that can accommodate mechanical and electronic shifting, can hammer out the training miles in all weather, and yet still has the chops to leap off the front at that decisive moment. That’s the Soloist.

Fast Like S5, Light Like R5

Soloist sits right between S5 and R5 on the performance scale, while having a price tag that’s less World Tour, more Road Trip. It’s about 250g heavier than R5, and 250g lighter than S5. It’s 190g slower than S5, but 126g faster than R5. You get the idea. It’s the ‘just-right’ answer for the rider trying to find a smart, intentional compromise.

Looks Like A Race Bike, Rides Like A Race Bike

We took the handling geometry for the Soloist directly from R5. The R5 is beloved by pros and amateurs alike for its poise, stability, and precision when that killer climb turns into an even more killer descent. Soloist benefits from our decades of race bike geometry development, and comes out of the gate ready to go.

Hidden From The Wind, No Bleed Necessary

The cable routing is inside the frame for aerodynamics, but doesn't go through the stem. We developed our own system that threads the cables under the stem, but through the bearing cap. Whether your position changes or you loan the bike to a friend who uses a different stem length, you won't need to bleed the brakes to swap the stem.

Clearance To Buzz The Tower

The Soloist fits tires up to 34mm (measured), and wheels wide enough to support them.


The BBRighT-47 bottom bracket, which first appeared on the R5-CX, is ideal for those who log big miles but don't have a pro wrench checking the bike over every day. It makes BB swaps a breeze (convenient if you're burning through hand-me-down components) and extends the life of the frame.


There are many contributing factors when it comes to picking the right size of bike. Whilst height provides perhaps the best indication of bike size it's not uncommon to size up, or size down depending rider flexibility, body shape, riding style and desired body position. Here at Billy Bilsland Cycles we understand the importance of bicycle fit, sizing and comfort in order to not only maximise enjoyment, but help significantly enhance performance and accomplish goals. Check the recommended height ranges below for a rough guideline, and if you have any queries don't hesitate to get in touch. For more information on our in depth bicycling fitting service click here.

Bike Size Height (CM) Height (FT)
XS - 48cm 150 - 160 4'11 - 5'3
SM - 51cm 160 - 168 5'3 - 5'6
MD - 54cm 168 - 176 5'6 - 5'9
LG - 56cm 176 - 184 5'9 - 6'0
XL - 58cm 184 - 192 6'0 - 6'4
XXL - 61cm 192 - 200 6'4 - 6'7


XS - 48cm Sm - 51cm md - 54cm lg - 56cm xl - 58cm xxl - 61cm
Reach | mm 363 374 383 392 401 410
Stack 491 515 540 565 590 615
Head Tube Angle | mm 71° 72° 73° 73° 73° 73°
Front Center | mm 574 576 578 595 611 628
Bottom Bracket Drop | mm 74.5 74.5 72 72 69.5 69.5
Head Tube Length | mm 86 106 130 156 184 211
Top Tube Length | mm 516 532 548 565 581 598
Seat Tube Angle 73° 73° 73° 73° 73° 73°
Standover Height | mm 708 748 774 798 824 848
Trail | mm 57.3 57.3 57.3 57.3 57.3 57.3
Wheel Size | mm 700c 700c 700c 700c 700c 700c
Fork Offset | mm 57.5 51.5 45.5 45.5 45.5 45.5
Wheelbase | mm 972 974 977 994 1011 1028
Chain Stay Length | mm 410 410 410 410 410 410

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Depending on the model, upon receipt you may be required to straighten and tighten the handlebars, reattach front wheel and attach the pedals. Please ensure that the pedals are greased and fitted correctly - the pedals will be marked L and R and have to be fitted to the left and right cranks respectively. Pedal do not come with every bike and need to be bough separately, especially on more high-end models. Please check when you are ordering.

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Colours Alpenglow, Embers, Gold Dust
Sizes LG - 56cm, MD - 54cm, SM - 51cm, XL - 58cm, XS - 48cm, XXL - 61cm
Brand Cervelo
Model Year 2023
Barcodes 42677626442, 42677626459, 42677626466, 42677626473, 42677626480, 42677626497, 42677626503, 42677626510, 42677626527, 42677626534, 42677626541, 42677626558, 42677626565, 42677626572, 42677626589, 42677626596, 42677626602
SKUs / Part Numbers 0I0STAFS1X48, 0I0STAFS1X51, 0I0STAFS1X54, 0I0STAFS1X56, 0I0STAFS1X58, 0I0STAFS1X61, 0I0STAFS2X48, 0I0STAFS2X51, 0I0STAFS2X54, 0I0STAFS2X56, 0I0STAFS2X58, 0I0STAFS2X61, 0I0STAFS3X48, 0I0STAFS3X51, 0I0STAFS3X54, 0I0STAFS3X56, 0I0STAFS3X58

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