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NiteRider: The NiteRider® Sabre™ 110 is a super bright, lightweight USB rechargeable LED tail light. It utilizes a multi LED array designed for eye catching visibility in both day and night.FEATURESLumen Output: 1106 Modes with Run Times: 1:45 – 17:00hrsCharge Time: 2:30hrsWeight: 28gBattery: Li-PoLow Battery Indicator110 Lumen Super Lightweight Daylight Visible taillight RUN TIMESPulse Flash - 7:00hFlash - 6:00hFast Flash - 17:00hSteady High - 1:45hSteady Med - 4:00hSteady Low - 8:30h

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Brand NiteRider
Barcode 702699050938