Meet Our Staff - Andy

Meet Our Staff - Andy

Staff Member:

Andrew Percival

Time Served:

5 months and counting


bike mechanic/bike builder

Optimal Tyre Size:

20inch on my bmx, 650b on my gravel, and 27.5 on both my hard tail and full sus

Number of Bikes Owned:

4 bikes in total

Favourite Bike:

Cult bmx bike

Favourite Piece of Kit:

Not related to biking well took few good pics of the guys with it. But has to be my fujifilm xt2 with my fujion 50-140mm lens. 
Favourite Local Ride: right now after riding glencoe red has to be my best experience. Apart from that I enjoy some local parks such as kelvin Grove skatepark and loading bay.

Next Purchase:

At the moment I am in middle of purchasing the whyte g160. And after that a few more lenses for my camrea kit

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