Meet Our Staff - Sam

Meet Our Staff - Sam

Staff Member:

Sam McIntosh

Time Served:

Just under 1 year


Front Shop

Optimal Tyre Size:


Number of Bikes Owned:


Favourite Bike:

Cervelo R5 Dura. Currently weighing in at a lovely 6.75kg.

Favourite Piece of Kit:

It’s a toss up between my Mavic 125th anniversary short sleeve jersey (I do tend to like all things yellow) or my Billy Bilsland single speed made by the man himself in the 1980s!

Favourite Local Ride:

Historically anything that involved a run up the Crow, but living by Cathkin Braes now I do enjoy a turn up the Cathkin climb.

Next Purchase:

A nice steel frame made with Reynolds 953 or a Cinelli XCR. 

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