Meet Our Staff - Dougie

Meet Our Staff - Dougie

Staff Member:

Douglas Dickson

Time Served:

5 1/2 Years


Front Shop / Email Marketing

Optimal Tyre Size:

2.1-2.5” – Fat tyres are more fun!

Number of Bikes Owned:

5 bikes – not including bikes in bits!

Favourite Bike:

My Saracen Myst Downhill Bike – After a long wait for the bike it finally landed at the back end of 2017 in time for the 2018 DH race season, and has seen me dramatically improve my riding over the years. It’s not a bike that I get to ride a lot at the moment and the requirement to get it carried to the top of the hill is one that quite heavily limits my ability to get out on it as much. It’s the bike I should really sell however over the years on the Myst I’ve had some of the best days riding I’ve ever had on a bike. Memories of countless races and excellent days out with pals just brings a grin to my face every time I lay eyes on it. I’ve also done a lot of tinkering with this bike and there aren’t many original parts left on it, making it a bike that I have really made my own and have come to love. I just can’t bring myself to move this bike on to a new owner despite it being not much more that a very saucy living room ornament!

Favourite Piece of Kit:

Merino Socks! Say goodbye to numb toes even with wet feet!

Favourite Local Ride:

Has to be the Old Kilpatrick trails. They’re the closest thing that Glasgow has to offer for gravity riding, although you really have to earn the descent – Old Kilpatick’s climb to Loch Humphrey is one of the most brutal out there!

Next Purchase:

Well I’ve just picked up the Genesis Fugio gravel bike so really need to concentrate on getting out on that before I start considering another purchase! Will probably be tyres though as I’m always wanting to test out new rubber.

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