The Ultimate Road Bike?

The Ultimate Road Bike?

The Ultimate Road Bike?

The Synapse Carbon perfectly blends practicality, speed and style. Ideal for long rides and sportifs, as well as a reliable winter training bike. Keep reading to find out why we believe the Cannondale Synapse Carbon really is the Ultimate Road Bike.

Being a city centre Bike Shop we often get asked, what bike can I ride to work everyday AND have fun on at the weekend? Our answer is always the Cannondale Synapse Carbon. It is very rare to find a bike that excels in both the everyday grind and those epic bunch rides and/or events. Cannondale's lightweight yet stiff frameset pairs with their proven endurance road geometry to offer great ride performance. This, combined with hidden mounts for mudguards and wide tyre clearance, is the reason the Synapse has successfully been the 'one' bike our customers are always asking for.

As much as we all dream our cycling lives are all full of picturesque rides, on days where there isn't a cloud or a pothole in sight, the reality is most of the time your bike needs to be suitable for rough roads, sh*t weather and getting from A to B without any issues. For this reason the Synapse usually leaves our shop fully kitted out for anything the Scottish climate and road conditions have to throw at it. Normally including NiteRider Lights and a set of SKS Mudguards on top of the 'off the shelf' spec, which has 30c tyres and hydraulic disc brakes.

Cannondale Synapse 'Everyday'

However when the time comes for the decent weather and light nights to draw back in, or even that long anticipated Cycling Holiday in the sun. All it takes is ripping those lights off, removing a couple of bolts and a wheel swap to transform your Cannondale Synapse into the perfect dream bike that makes you feel like you're a TDF Pro Rider every time you swing your leg over it.

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Cannondale Synapse 'Fast'

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Gone are the days of Road bikes solely being for young whippets in skinsuits riding only for podiums, the Cannnondale Synapse is built for the modern day rider looking for a blend of comfort, versatility and performance. One bike, every occasion. Everything you could ever want in a bicycle neatly compacted into one convenient little package.

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