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Some folk say that riding an e-bike is just cheating. We say that people that say this have just never ridden an e-bike. Because once you've tried one you realise they are undeniably awesome.

Electric bike work by providing pedal assistance; once the bike detects you pedalling it helps out by putting down some power on top helping you get up to speed and flattening hills. By removing some of the physical effort of pedalling e-bikes provide a lower impact exercise that makes cycling easier and allows you ride further and for longer.

Over the past few years electric bikes have come a long way. With advancements year on year e-bikes are now lighter weight, easier to operate, better specced, more reliable and far less complicated to work on. E-bikes truly are better than they have ever been.

With options available in mountain, gravel, road, touring, and city bikes there is almost and endless choice to pick from. And with electric applied to almost all disciplines of cycling you really can enhance the enjoyment of your cycling no matter what style of cycling it is that you love.

We have and excellent range of e-bikes available at Billy Bilsland Cycles, from Whyte's award winning full suspension mountain bikes to Gazelle's highly reputable, Dutch proven city / touring bikes. We believe that all of the brands and models that we have have chosen to range, are a brilliant bikes from great manufacturers and are proud to put our name behind them. 

Baffled by all the options out there and not sure what you require? Don't hesitate to get in touch and we can help work out what you need from the bike, and suggest what may be best suited.

All e-bikes come with FREE DELIVERY and a range of FINANCE options


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